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Approximately every three months I delete the old Blog entries so the Blog page does not get to long. With this deletion information about colleagues and friends needing prayers is lost. So, I have created this page to retain the names and information on those needing prayers.

Troy Lindquist
Troy Lindquist

I received word from Tom Schuh that Diplomatic Courier Troy Lindquist passed away recently. Prayers and condolences may be sent to his family at the following:

Kristy Lindquist
4463 Cove Crest Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124-4009

Sara and Phil Wold

Sue Witmer informed me that in an email from Dick Kalla she learned that both Phil and Sara Wold, who live in Nevada, are in quarantine until November 22 due to being diagnosed with COVID. Anyone wishing to send them get well wishes the following is furnished:

George Gorisek

George Gorisek

I received word from George's daughter, Christine that George has passed. His family needs your prayers. As soon as funeral arrangements are made I will get them out to everyone! The furneral services will be held in Woodridge, VA with burial at Quantico. Further information will be published here and on the Department of State/IRM Facebook page!

Anyone wishing to send condolences to the Gorisek family the following is furnished:

Mrs. Judith Gorisek
162 Augustine Court
Kearneysville, West Virginia 25430

Bob McConahy

I received word from Retired DASC Stu Branch that Bob MCConahy longtime DC, OC employee is in an assisted living facility in Virginia. Bob would love to hear from old friends. His e-mail address is:

Tim Lawson


I received word from Tim Lawson this afternoon. He indicated that he has been having some health issues that have impacted his activities, including email communications. He said he is still proud to be a CANDOER and enjoys reading all the material therein.