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How to Join

Membership in the CANDOER Retirement Group is free and open to anyone who has previously worked for, or with, or now works for, or with, the Department of State, Office of Diplomatic Communications (DC), Office of Communications (OC), Office of Information Management (IM), Office of Logistics Management (LM), and/or Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM). Members' spouses or significant other are automatic members and are encouraged to attend luncheons.

There are no annual dues. Because you worked for, or with, DC/OC/IM/LM/IRM during your career you are automatically a member and may attend any or all luncheons. The only charge for you to attend a luncheon is the charge for your own lunch, and any quest(s) you may bring along.   (Luncheon Schedule)

I ask that you fill out a Membership Application Form, for my records, but it is not a requirement to view the Web site or attend a luncheon. It is a requirement if you wish to join one of the Yahoo e-mail groups and/or access the password protected areas of the web site.

Members' bios are available on the Web site on the Member Directory page. This page is PASSWORDED. If you would like to access this area you must have sent me a Membership Application (The link to the form may be found below.). The way the password program is coded, I MUST input the password. So, if you have met the above described eligibility requirements, send me a Membership Application Form.

The CANDOER Retirement Group is a nonprofit, informal organization.

If you are interested in joining the CANDOERs, fill out a Membership Application Form. After completion of the form, click on the 'SUBMIT APPLICATION' button, ONCE repeat ONCE, at the end of the Membership Application Form and it will automatically be e-mailed to me for action.

If your spouse also retired from DC/OC/IM/LM/IRM you may also furnish their personal data. Your spouse, if also a retiree or former GS or FS member and you request it, they will be listed separately in the Directory of Members.

On occasion, I may ask members to send me a small donation. Your donation will be used strictly for Web site support. Your contribution will be voluntary and will not in any way effect your status as a member if you do not contribute.

Application Form

If you feel you meet the qualifications outlined above and would like to join the CANDOER Retirement Group, click here.

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