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Communicators AND Others Enjoying Retirement
Issue 2January/February 1996Volume 1 - Number 2

Welcome to issue 2 of the CANDOER NEWS. Because of the Blizzard of '96, and the resulting cancellation of the January luncheon, I have combined the January and February issues of the CANDOER News.

I welcome suggestions as to what you would like to see in the News. I will publish, unedited, articles consisting of general information, feature articles, jokes, or original poems written by DC/OC/IRM/IM retirees or employees. Any contribution may be submitted on a 3.5" floppy disk using WordPerfect for DOS Version 6.0 or earlier (if it contains graphics) or on a plain sheet of paper (if it has no graphics). Deadline for submitting material is the first day of each month.

My mailing address for contributions is:

Robert J. Catlin, Sr.
2670 Dakota Street
Bryans Road, MD 20616-3062

I am going to keep back issues of the News on floppy disk. If you missed an issue and would like a copy, give me a call and I will be happy to bring it to the next luncheon. My home telephone number is: (301) 283-6549.


In conversations with several members at the December luncheon I was asked what was meant by a statement in Volume 1 - Number 1 in which I said a suggestion was made "to formalize the CANDOER luncheons." One of the retirees, at a previous luncheon, suggested that the CANDOER luncheon group go so far as to become a FORMAL Association, in that we register our name (CANDOER Association), charge dues and elect officers to serve on a Board of Directors. As I stated in Issue Number 1, this decision is up to the members. I am happy to leave it as is, but will bow to the member's wishes. You will note that I again attached the "CANDOER PERSONAL DATA SHEET" to this issue. I do not have addresses and telephone numbers for a lot of you. I will honor all requests to keep any or all information furnished private, if a member requests it.


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Mr. Paul Del Giudice for misspelling his name in Volume 1 - Number 1 of the CANDOER News. In addition, I failed to mention that the November luncheon was the first that Paul had attended.

January 22, to William V. Callihan. Happy 65th Birthday Bill, from all of the CANDOER Luncheon Group. Many you have many, many more.


Seventeen retirees attended the December CANDOER luncheon at TGIFriday's in Alexandria. They included: Bob Berger, Bob Campapiano, Bob Catlin, Bob Chechelle, Paul Del Giudice, Charlie Ditmeyer, Al Giovetti, Bob Liebau, Mel Maples, Babe Martin, Will Naeher, Joe Pado, Bob Scheller, Doc Sloan, Ronnie Steenhoek, Don Stewart, and Val Taylor.

Congratulations to the following OC/IMers who retired:

Wardell Jenkins - Beltsville
Chris Barrett - Ottawa
Don Boker - Ottawa
Bill Weatherford - Bangkok


Jim Prosser, Graham Lobb, Joe Lea, and Bill Callihan have all furnished lists of addresses for several present/former OC/IMers. Below, please find a list of their names only. I have been given permission to release address information to those who wish to have it.

FSRA Luncheon Report

In an e-mail note from Joe Lea he indicated he would be submitting articles for publication in the NEWS. Below please find the first, of what I hope is many articles to come. Joe also stated in his e-mail note that if you know of a retiree in Florida and need an address, let him know. He will scan the FSRA directory to see if said retiree is a member and then scan the list of attendees at the meetings to locate and see if he can get an address or telephone number. If you wish, let me know the name and I will e-mail it to him.

The January meeting of the Florida Foreign Service Retirement Association (FSRA) was held at the Conquistador Country Club, Bradenton, Florida, on Friday, January 26, 1996. As planned, we attended the luncheon; the committee always selects very nice places. This was on the second floor overlooking the inland waterway. There was space for 280 people and it was sold out. I have been referring to these luncheons as meetings, but the only meeting is once a year in September. They are luncheons, typically a salad, entree, vegetables, rolls, dessert, and drink. Everyone gets there at least an hour early to hunt up old friends and visit. Afterward there is a speaker and by the time he/she finishes, everyone is ready to hit the road.

We took a guest (planned well in advance), Robert Scott from Waco Texas, whom Clytuce knew in Bangkok. Bob arrived at our house Tuesday, January 23 and went down to Bradenton with us yesterday and then took off for home this morning. Bob never did a tour in the Department, so I doubt if most of you know him.

We sat with Bill and Pat Callihan, Earl and Thelma Newton, and Bob. We were able to visit with Norris and Audrey Hammond, Howard Mace, Bob and Aida Bell. You all may or may not know these people. No one knew why Stu Branch did not come, maybe he was up north.

It is always good to see Earl Newton; he is 85 and doing real well. Thelma also is doing well and looking good. Earl says they plan to sell their place in St. James City, FL and move back up there somewhere. They will be seriously looking for a place when they come back up this spring.

Nothing really earth shaking to report from this luncheon. Do enjoy attending, though.

The next luncheon will be at McDill AFB (Tampa) on March 15. The Leas, Callihans and Newtons have already promised to attend.


You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.


See you next month.
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