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Communicators AND Others Enjoying Retirement

Issue 60December 2000Volume 6 - Number 1

Welcome to the CANDOER News. Suggestions as to what you would like to see in the CANDOER are welcome. Letters to the editor, articles consisting of general information, feature articles, G-rated jokes, or poems, written/submitted by retirees or OC/IM employees, past or present, will be published, unedited. Material may be submitted on a 3.5" floppy disk (disk will be returned) using WordPerfect Version 6.1 or earlier (if it contains graphics), on a plain sheet of paper (if it has no graphics) or via e-mail. The deadline for submitting material is no later than the 25th of each month. Material received after that date will be published in the next issue of the CANDOER, space allowing. Please, restrict articles/submissions to two single spaced, typed pages. No hand written submissions, please.

The snail-mail address for submissions or letters to the editor is:

Robert J. Catlin, Sr.
Publisher/Editor CANDOER News
2670 Dakota Street
Bryans Road, MD 20616-3062

Cat's Corner

As with every December issue, this issue will be an abbreviated one. Those who receive the hard copy version will also receive the 40-page Member Directory this month.

Nancy and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Web Page

A Web page is available to all members at : The site has the current and two previous issues of the CANDOER News available to read, or download. Two downloadable versions are available: ENVOY 7 format and a WordPerfect 7 format. Both are accessible to those who have donated to the news fund or memorial funds and have received their password.

Luncheon Log

The following CANDOERs were in attendance at the December luncheon: Bob Campopiano, Lou Correri, Paul Del Giudice, Charlie Ditmeyer, Pete Gregorio, Mel Maples, Will Naeher, and Dan Ullrich.

Thanks to Paul for furnishing this information. I missed the luncheon.

Retiree's Report

As I do every year around the holidays, I took a look at the Memorial fund and to see if $350 has been used for Memorial activities. Only $246.52 was used. I am therefore donating $103.48 to the American Heart Association, to bring the total up to $350.00.

For the newer members, the Memorial fund is used to send a donation to a favorite charity of a member, or member's immediate family, who has died. In addition, it is used to send get well cards to members, or member's immediate family, who become sick or are hospitalized due to surgery or accident.

You can donate to this fund by sending extra money with your subscription renewal. All money received above your subscription rate is put into the fund and used for Memorial activities.

Every year, around December 1, I send a donation to a worthy charity. This has resulted in over a $1,000 being donated to various National charities.

On October 29, Bob Mason notified me of a change of address and telephone number.

On November 4, Bill Parker informed me that Grover "Mac" McDowell is suffering with MS. He is having a very rough go of it. I am sure that he and Joan would love to hear from friends and colleagues.

On Friday, November 10 I received a Web application from Stanley Holden. Stan retired in 1972. He worked in DC/T and SY. Welcome aboard Stanley and Wy Holden.

On Sunday November 12, I received a Web application from George Gorisek. George recently remarried. Congratulations to George and Judith. Welcome aboard George and Judith Gorisek.

On Monday, November 13, I returned from a quick trip to Erie, PA (dreary Erie, the mistake by the Lake), where Nancy and I went to celebrate my oldest brother, and his wife's, 50th anniversary. On the way back, Roy and Donna McCabe met Nancy and me at the Gateway Restaurant in Breezwood, PA. We spent better than an hour talking. Roy looked great after recently undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. He is keeping busy in his adopted hometown of Wood, working on various community projects. It was nice seeing Roy again and meeting his wife, Donna.

On Tuesday, November 14, I received a Web application from Thomas Kearns. Thomas retired in 1967 after having served in Saigon, Santiago, Accra, and Calcutta. Welcome aboard, Thomas.

On Wednesday, November 22, I received a Web application from Dick and Julia Kwiatkowski. Dick and Julia are assigned to Athens ... at least for another year. Welcome aboard.

On Wednesday I also received a Web application from Allan and Valerie Jeffries. They are retired and living in Palisade, CO.

I have received word from Dolly Markham that Ned Paes is home from the hospital and although he has lost 25 pounds, I am told he is resting well and is still optimistic he can beat his cancer.

Please, during this holiday season, as you all set down to enjoy your festivities, and attend your favorite place of worship, say a prayer for Ned and Mac and give them a call, or drop them a line. I am sure that not only will they appreciate it, but so will their families.


See you next month.

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