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Pacific Northwest CANDOERs Spring 2015 Luncheon

These photos are of the 2015 Pacific Northwest CANDOER Spring Luncheon which was held in Eugene, Oregon, on Monday, May 4, 2015. The festivities got off with a bang at an open house on Sunday hosted for those arriving early by Eugene residents and retirees Ross and Eileen Nesberg. Then, on Monday, the attendees gathered at Sweetwaters on the River for lunch. The Sweetwaters is located on the scenic banks of the Willamette River. Thanks to the efforts and willingness of the Nesbergs to share their wonderful city, this was one of the best events in the many years that we have been gathering together.

PNW Spring Luncheon

The first picture was taken in the Nesbergs back yard. The participants, from left to right are: Stu Branch, JoAnn Gaither, Mary Prosser, Jim Prosser, John Aschenbrenner (friend of Jim Prosser), Ross Nesberg, Eileen Nesberg, Tom Gaither, Sue Witmer, Kathleen Emmons, Sharon Branch, Sally Sandberg, Bob Sandberg, Pat Kalla and Dick Kalla.

PNW Spring Luncheon

This picture is of the buffet table at the Nesberg open house.

PNW Spring Luncheon

This picture of the group was taken at the Valley River Inn where the Sweetwater on the River Restauraunt is located. Those pictured are:
Top Row: Bob Sandberg, Stu Branch, Ross Nesberg, Don Meskimen, John Aschenbrenner, Tom Gaither, Jim Prosser.
Middle Row: Sally Sandberg, Sharon Branch, Sue Witmer, Eileen Nesberg, Dick Kalla, Pat Kalla, JoAnn Gaither, Kathleen Emmons
Bottom Row: Joan Meskimen and Mary Prosser.

Leaving early and not pictured: Lillian Fochs and Lee and Sue Wenndorf.

Thanks to Dick Kalla for furnishing the above pictures!

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