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Pacific Northwest CANDOER Fall 2016 Luncheon

Last week, the Pacific Northwest branch of CANDOERs met for our fall luncheon. The Saigon/Mac retiree group was holding their annual event in Portland, Oregon, and invited us to tack our luncheon onto the backend of their get-together. They also invited some of us to join them at their ending banquet, a marvelous event. The following day, some of the Saigon/Mac people who had stayed on an extra day joined us for our lunch. Above is the group luncheon photo snapped by Phil Wold on the deck of the Jantzen Beach Red Lion Hotel on the banks of the Columbia River with the I-5 bridge connecting Washington and Oregon in the background.

Pacific Northwest CANDOER Fall 2016 Luncheon

From left to right, front row: Jim Prosser, Mary Prosser, John Fochs, Phil Wold (kneeling below John), Shirley Elliott, Mark Furlong, Carol Furlong.
Back row: Dick Kalla, Pat Kalla, Julie Fochs, John Mataka, Irene Mataka, Sara Wold, Kathleen Emmons (below Sara), JoAnn Gaither, Sharon Branch, Eileen Nesberg (below Sharon), Ross Nesberg, Judy Chidester, Tom Gaither, John Aschenbrenner, Stu Branch, Juan Valdez (last MSG and person to get on final helicopter leaving Embassy Saigon)

Thanks to Phil Wold for furnishing the above picture!

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