Pacific Northwest CANDOERs Luncheon - May 24, 2023

A World-Wide Organization

Communicators AND Others Enjoying Retirement

Tom Gaither meeting Marc Barber - Dick Kalla (in middle) - Doug McGilford (in background) - Oiltip Cook (seated)

First time attendees: Alayne and Ken Spaulding

From Left: Alayne and Ken Spaulding - Dick Kalla - Sharon Branch

Phil and Sara Wold

Sara Wold - Jo Gaither - Tom Gaither - behind Tom, Marc Barber

Seated: Kathi Paldie - Kathryn McGilford - Bob Catlin - Sharon Branch - Stu Branch
In back: Doug McGilford - Marc Barber - Adria Nesberg - Back to Camera: Ross Nesberg

Standing: Adria Nesberg - Jo Gaither - Sara Wold - Pat Kalla
Seated: Stu Branch - Eileen Nesberg - Rooss Nesberg

Stu Branch - Bob Catlin

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