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CANDOERs Gary and Debbie Bobbitt's May 23, 2007 Going Away Party at Bravo's

On May 23, 2007, Tom Paolozzi hosted a going away luncheon at Bravo's Bar/Lounge for Gary and Debbie Bobbitt who have moved to NC.

Bravo's May 23, 2007

Paul Del Giudice, Gary and Debbie Bobbitt

Bravo's May 23, 2007

Bob Caffrey, Dave Ames, Dan Ullrich, Bob Catlin, Dave Collins, Hal Hutson, Tom Paolozzi,
Paul Del Giudice, Gary Bobbitt, Debbie Bobbitt, Joe Sting, Dick Kwiatkowski and George Moon.
Missing at the time of the picture, but also attending was Roberta Walbridge.

The above pictures were taken by our outstanding waitress at Bravo's, Diane

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