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May 2004 - CANDOERs in Panama

Rey and Grace Grammo along with Stu and Sharon Branch took a cruise through the Panama canal. Although the
ship did not overnight in Panama, it did anchor out for about five hours off the Island of Flamenco and shuttled people into port.

Cruise Ship in the Mira Flores Locks

Their ship as it passed through the Mira Flores Locks.

Pencas Restaurant on the Causeway in Panama

The group is at the Pencas Restaurant on the Causeway (tourist area of Panama).

From left to right: Rey Grammo, Stu Branch, Sharon Branch, Lori Knott, Robb Knott (Robb was the IMO in Panama at the time),
Leo Duncan (Leo's spouse was the Ambassador to Panama at that time), and Grace Grammo

Thanks to Rob Knott for furnishing these pictures

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