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St. Georges and Grand Anse Beach - 1984

Grenada - 1984

In the spring of 1984 I was sent for two weeks to Grenada to help out at the new temporary U.S. Embassy. It was in a resort on a point across from
the capital city of St. Georges. One day I had occasion to go on the U.S. 82nd Airborne Blackhawk helicopter on a hot meal run to all the outposts
on the island. I also had a bonus to transport a mechanic to the other island of the country, Carriacou, about 25 miles to the NW of the main island.
As we flew off the coast I took a photo of St. Georges and noticed a cruise ship at anchor. Eight years later we took a two week East Mediterranean
cruise on that ship, the Cunard ship Cunard Princess.

St. Georges

St. Georges, Grenada

The below photo is of the famous Grand Anse Beach and some of the resorts along the beach.

The resort in the foreground is Spice Island Resort. Behind it is a row of buildings going left and right which is the famous medical school
with all the American students that the U.S. Forces "rescued". Behind it, in the woods and not visible, is the Grenada Beach Inn which was taken
over by the U.S. Army and the main billet for the forces left on the island from the invasion six months before. Across the street at the end is the heliport
I took off from with about four Blackhawks based there. The yellow houses with red roofs are the housing for the Cuban workers and were shot up
by the attack of the invading forces against the armed Cubans. St. Georges would be just out of the picture to the left.

Fabulous island and even with the electrical outages, which meant no water from our well, and then the shooting at night with AK-47's with fighting still
going on between the two factions on the island, it was a most enjoyable two weeks as we had two men to a two bedroom unit with living/dining room
and kitchen at a resort with a private beach down the coast a few miles on the right from the beach photo. Everybody had a new hardtop Suzuki SUV
with/AC assigned to them for their official and private use.

The famous airport the Cubans were building with some heavy fighting is located to the right also out on a point that protrudes into the ocean.
The U.S. Embassy is now located adjacent.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Thanks to Charles Christian for these pictures

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