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Function Code Managers Training - 1989

Function Code Managers Training at WTC in 1989

The below picture was received from the late John Kennedy. John states, "Here's one that should jog a few memories. It was in the spring of 1989 at Warrenton Training Center. I believe it was mandatory that all function code managers attend."

FCM Training at WTC

Read Left to Right: 1st row - Len Fenner, Judy Dressel, Bob Kegley, Randy Dudley, Carlos Breland, Ike Felder, Ken Hubbard, Richard Tinker, Hal Gerwig ***(Carlos Breland was a contract employee.)
2nd row - Susan Musser, Robert Novak, Steve Springer, Les Jacobs, Gary Richardson, Steve Lowe, Rey Grammo, Unk., Unk., Bob Berger *** (Don't know the lady behind Susan Musser - believe she worked with Judy Dressel)
3rd row - Mike Sorras, Lee Ranier, Unk., George McKinney, John Kennedy, John Lupo, Bill Bies, John Gagen, Frank Myers, Unk. Dennis Nelson
4th row - John Feldman, Bill Harrison, Harvey Vasquez, Joe Yancy, Bob White, Unk., Lew Heidel, Chris Barret
5th row - Unk., Ulyssees Jefferson, Unk., Unk., Tom Paolozzi, Bill Fitzpatrick, Rob Robinson, Mike Sulak, Peter ______, Leo Duncan

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