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Pacific Northwest Fall 2008 CANDOERs Luncheon

Pacific Northwest CANDOERs Fall 2008 Luncheon

Pacific Northwest Candoers 2008 Fall Luncheon

In attendance were the following people:

From left to right: Kneeling, Phil Wold and Tom Mukai. Directly above them, Sue Wenndorf and Sara Wold. Leila Mukai and Irene Mataka and above them Lee Wenndorf and John Mataka. Sally Sandberg and Denise Hoof. Above Sally, Bob Sandberg. Partially kneeling, John Fochs. Behind John, Tom Gaither and Joann Gaither. Marianne Bowles (with coat over arm) and Gary Bowles. Dick Kalla, Lillian Fochs, Pat Kalla and Dick Brendley. In attendance but not in photo, Jim Amidon.

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