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OC Picnic - June 2005

On June 11, 2005, two of our long-time retirees, Eric Hughes and Phil Harrison, organized a Retiree's Picnic and invited
all OC retirees. The below picture, shows the attendees.

OC Picnic in 2005

1st row (Kneeling) - George Loines, George Wilcox, Doris Ellerbe, and with one hand on the ground, Ben Perry
2nd row - Charlie Ellerbe, Richard Clauselle, Dewey Holmes, Eric Hughes, Richard Reese, Phil Harrison,
Wardell Jenkins, Helen Williams, Milton Cochran, Harold Davenport, DeLancey Cochran, Anna Smith, Clarence Smith,
Calvin Kearney, Bobby Law, Conrad Rippe, and Len Pfiefer.

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