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The Chaddics visit the Lawsons

Chaddics and Lawsons

Tim, Joe, Purin, JoJo and Auemporn.

The above photo was taken during the visit of Joe Chaddic and wife JoJo visiting us here in Hua Hin. For those who may not be aware,
following his service in the Army Security Agency (ASA), Joe served as a Foreign Service Officer in several capacities across a very
illustrative and remarkable career. This included duties as IMO, RIMC Director, U.S. Representative to NATO, FRUS Director (Foreign
Relations of the U.S.) Declassification Unit, and Senior Foreign Service Officer (Minister-Counselor) under the signature of U.S. Presidents
Clinton and Bush. Equally important for Auemporn and I, Joe was also my boss. He was a boss that would prove largely responsible for
my 1998 onward assignment from Hong Kong to Bangkok, an assignment that would lead ultimately to my and Auemporn's betrothal
and marriage which in turn produced our son, Purin. Given all of this, Joe is a highly revered and very special man in this neck of the
woods. We certainly enjoyed having him and his beautiful wife JoJo visit us here in Hua Hin.

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